Médana: e-health software for enhanced patient care for healthcare institutions

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From a single platform, Medana activates various modules that interoperate with your existing solutions to :

  • Manage your appointments and develop your department's activity
    Qualify the reason for consultation and direct the patient to the appropriate medical competence
  • Prepare patients (for examination, anesthesia, hospitalization, etc.)
    Enrich the patient's medical and administrative file and facilitate patient management
  • Help diagnose and secure medical decisions
  • Ensure patient follow-up "outside the hospital" (at home, in town, etc.)

To save time for each professional and humanize the patient relationship

Improve your patients' care with digital technology

Anamnèse extends the medical act before, during and after the consultation to secure care, increase efficiency in the department and improve patient follow-up. To achieve this...

  • Structure or enrich a homogeneous, systematic medical file, making the most of patient waiting times
  • Offer patient case management (prioritization, redirection, etc.) according to your protocols

  • manage access rights to deliver the right level of information to the right person (medical secretary vs. nurse vs. doctor)
  • displays patient responses, pre-calculated scores, history of previous consultations, private or shared notes
  • integrating teleconsultation directly into medana at no extra cost
  • suggesting available follow-up protocols or digital therapies
  • tele-monitoring of the active file, by interviewing the patient's medical history and informing you remotely of his or her compliance, the exercises he or she has completed successfully or not, a new score calculation, etc.
  • according to the protocols you have defined, modified and validated
    providing alerts to help you make the right decisions and save time

It is the patient who is interrogated according to your protocol, by our system, on his or her smartphone or that of his or her caregiver. The patient assists you in data collection (PROMs)

The information collected is coded in ICD-10 and complies with the ANS MOS-NOS reference system for

  • limit data cleaning during the research protocol
  • facilitate interoperability with your DPI or any other system.

Choose the patient pathway in your medical specialty

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